Prototype NTT DoCoMo handset has a built-in projector

Prototype NTT DoCoMo handset has a built-in projector
NTT DoCoMo Inc is displaying a prototype phone with an integrated projector at CEATEC Japan 2008. The prototype looks like a small brick, harking back to phones which predate this website.

On the bright side, the prototype is able to display a 20", 480 × 320 image with a throw distance of 80cm and a brightness of 7.5 lumens, for a total of 15-20 minutes with an existing cellphone battery. Creating this display requires power consumption of only 3W. We would think that the throw distance would need to be reduced further, but even a 10" display would be amazing for a phone. The company estimates that three years are required before commercialization, but phones with integrated projectors may arrive even earlier, considering the state of the micro projector market.

By way of example, the 3M MPro110 micro projector is now shipping for GBP 299 . Weighing 152 grams / 0.33 lbs. and with dimensions of 115x50x22 mm / 4.5"x1.97"x0.88", the 3M micro projector is completely silent in operation, has a rechargeable battery which provides up to 60 minutes of power, can display up to a 50", 640 x 480 image and accepts composite and VGA inputs.

Texas Instrument's CEO has said that cell phones with integrated projectors will be available in the second half of this year.

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1. unregistered

WOW What a neat idea I wonder what is next!

2. Anomalies

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A cell phone that drives you to work so you can sleep in longer

3. unregistered

That's all we need, people in public projecting porn from their cellphone

5. T-Money3000 unregistered

Well ppl already watch it on their phones. why not include others!?? lol

4. unregistered

hahahahahah @ ^

6. unregistered

wow is that really needed.. its a brick!!

7. unregistered

no need for the "when is verizon getting it?" the answer is undoubtedly NEVER!

8. unregistered

soon the question will be...what CAN'T your cell phone do? One day we'll hear, "coming soon, a phone that will rub your feet while reading your email to you while you talk on the phone!"

9. unregistered

while carefully shaving your buttocks lol

10. p123p unregistered

wow the battery should run out quickly if you use the projecter

11. Cummings32Allie unregistered

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