Texas Instruments says phones with projectors are coming this year

Texas Instruments says phones with projectors are coming this year
At a forum in Taipei this week, Texas Instruments’ (TI) senior VP John Van Scoter has said that cell phones with integrated projectors will be available in the second half of this year. He claims that some companies are already working on commercial products based on the TI DLP Pico technology.

The company believes the projectors will become as popular as the integrated cameras in five to ten years.

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13. szaldana

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I agree on the fact that a phone like this will use a high amount of battery power. But I think that they are trying to develop a short-projection device that will use less power. I don't think they are talking about a phone with a regular wall sort-of projector. I'm pretty sure they will come up with a new technology.

12. unregistered

The funcitionality of this technology is only limited to our imaginations. Imagine having a phone that can do a video call, but instead of a tiny screen project a 20-30 inch picture on the wall next to you. Conference calls won't be so impersonal. So on and so forth.

11. unregistered

its means the cell phone going to be as big as a brick

10. unregistered

These are LED based projectors so they actually use very little power. About as much as a LCD screen and an LED flashlight. If you have ever left an LED flashlight on it takes hours to drain the battery.

9. unregistered

If this is for movies and stuff like that only that would be useless, phones would start to require VGA or even maybe QVGA recording quality for it to actually fufill itself

8. jrcrow unregistered

funny point..and imagine..cell manufacturers still make the that same quality LCD screens...between crap and quite decent in the dark..!..but dot be fooled!..HD screens are on their way in a year or 2.

7. mycall unregistered

I heard about this about a year ago too.. I'm not gona lie, at the time i thought cool.. but i think about it again and i think 'why??' Why put a projector on a phone? Watch a dvd on the wall? to project a presentation onto the wall?? "Sorry chaps, the projector equipment isn't working, never mind i've got my phone,, oops, sorry about the UGK ringtone, ignore that". I don't know tell me if i'm wrong.. but what use will it have besides the 40minute novelty factor (before your battery dies). Ps. And don't be fooled, the quality will be something in between crap and quite decent in the dark..!

6. jskrenes unregistered

Moto was working on something like this last year. If I recall, the image would be DVD quality, but at a size of about 10-15 inches. Power consumption might be an issue, especially if the projectors go larger or brighter or both. But for small business presentations, this beats lugging a laptop and projector. I can see it being used for showing photos, heck I sure could use it to show customers how to program their phones without having to squeeze next to them to view their screen. Plenty of applications, but will it be as popular as the camera? Hard to say.

5. jrcrow unregistered

and HOW..does this guy assume they will function?

3. unregistered

Sounds like something that will use and require a whole lot of battery power. Doesn't really sound that useful except perhaps as a flashlight.

4. unregistered

Perhaps as a Flashlight?????? you are obviously only thinking about your needs.....think about it vendors businesses eveyrhting can use this even to watch movies on the plane

2. unregistered


1. Borat unregistered


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