President Obama bans cell phones in public places

President Obama bans cell phones in public places
It seems that this whole story about Mr. President’s BlackBerry has really pissed someone off… In an official statement from yesterday, President Barack Obama has declared cell phones “inappropriate” and has actually banned their usage in all public places, starting today. However, this unrighteous measure has immediately encountered strong opposition from Verizon fanboys, who complained that they have just bought some brand new VZW CDM8975 phones. While Big Red fans found it painfully hard to let go of their CDM8975s (with a whooping 1.3MP camera and SMS support), AT&T subscribers said that they just don’t care about the President’s declaration, as their carrier has not released a decent smartphone ever since the iPhone’s launch. In the end, we decided to investigate what Sprint users had to say. Sadly, the only Sprint user we managed to find has moved to live in Alaska several months ago. His final words were: “Hot coffee…”

source: April 1

Well, just in case someone has actually believed this story – today is April 1, you know… jokes and stuff.

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