Pre-orders for the iPad come to 150,000 not including units ordered at stores

Pre-orders for the iPad come to 150,000 not including units ordered at stores
A tipster for BGR tells the site that 150,000 online pre-orders have been received for the Apple iPad since the company started accepting the orders Friday morning. The figure doesn't include reservations placed at Apple stores. The source said that Applke Stores received an average 300-350 orders on day 1 and now average about 700 pre-orders at each location. That is, except for the flagship Apple Store in New York City where 800 units were reserved the first day and 400 iPads per day over the weekend were subsequently pre-ordered for a total of 1600 units. At the stores, 50% of the orders were for the 32GB unit with 30% coming in for the high end 64GB model and 10% holding the 16GB iPad. The tablet launches April 3rd which is when pre-orders will be shipped and the iPad becomes available at Apple's retail locations. The first model to be rolled out with be the Wi-Fi version with the Wi-Fi /3G model due to launch later in April.

source: BGR



1. 203RichBoy

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2. merkeke

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i thought this was "phone arena"? and not, "be the last to report technology news"

3. AZNphoneGeek

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is it right that anything that has wifi has to go throught the fcc? i thought someone said that. if that is actually the case, i can see a 2% relavence on here hahaha

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