Pre-orders for Windows Phone 7 devices are a go for O2, Orange, & T-Mobile

Pre-orders for Windows Phone 7 devices are a go for O2, Orange, & T-Mobile
With less than a week until European consumers begin to take hold of Windows Phone 7 devices in the flesh, three of the big five mobile operators in the UK are already moving forward with the anticipated launch by opening up the flood gates for pre-orders.

O2, Orange, and T-Mobile are now offering pre-orders for the HTC 7 Mozart, HTC HD7, and the Samsung Omnia 7. It's difficult to say whether or not inventory on these handsets will be limited when it launches, but it'd be a good idea to fetch yourself a pre-order now to guarantee yourself a brand spanking new device on day one. All three of those mentioned Windows Phone 7 smartphones will go on sale starting on October 21st and will vary in price according to which price plan you choose.

As for the other two remaining big time mobile carriers, Vodafone and Three, they have yet to announce anything in regards to pre-orders for the LG Optimus 7 and HTC 7 Trophy – which should both become available some time later this month.

HTC 7 Mozart Specifications | Hands-on
HTC 7 Trophy Specifications
HTC HD7 Specifications | Hands-on
LG Optimus 7 Specifications | Hands-on
Samsung Omnia 7 Specifications | Hands-on

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