Potential iPhone 7 leak shows frame packed with four speakers, new flash alignment

Potential iPhone 7 leak shows frame packed with four speakers, new flash alignment
Until the day of Apple's launch event, when the company formally draws the curtain back on the next generation of iPhone, conflicting rumors will almost certainly keep us guessing about the phone's final design. Even by the point we find ourselves at now, when the prevailing winds of iPhone 7 leaks seem to have zeroed in on a general look for the handset's design, we continue to see little bits of variance here and there in the implementation. While we wait for more definitive answers, a new image of a possible in-development iPhone 7 shell exposes us to some further possibilities for the hardware changes that could be coming to Apple's next handsets.

Compared to the leak we just shared with you earlier today, there are two prominent differences. The new look for edge-hugging antenna lines is again present (if a bit difficult to see with this odd color scheme going on here), but those edges appear to house grilles for a quad-speaker arrangement – just like on the new iPad Pro models.

In addition to the extra speakers, this shell also moves the rear camera's flash down below the lens, instead of the side placement we're used to from existing iPhone models.

Both those changes make for intriguing ideas, but could either be real? Those speakers look like a tight squeeze, especially up by the phone's camera – but could maybe those close quarters be precisely what's responsible for that flash realignment?

Considering how far this find strays from the popular trend of recent leaks, we're not getting too invested in any of what we see here without some additional confirmation. But then again, Apple could do a lot worse than to seriously overhaul the iPhone's speaker arrangement; is this one change worth making?

source: Nowhereelse.fr (Translated) via iClarified

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