Poll results: Which high-end phone likely to be showcased at MWC are you most excited about?

We might have one of the best MWC experiences in years, starting this Sunday, that is why we asked you last week which of the flagship phones that will be potentially unveiled at the expo are you most excited about? Surprisingly enough, perhaps because it is expected to be a brand new and complete redesign of the G-series, the LG G5 took the cake with almost 44%, followed by the talk of the town - Galaxy S7 and its sidekick S7 Edge. From the Chinese juggernauts it's the Xiaomi Mi 5 that stirs interest the most, trailed by Huawei's eventual P9 flagship.

This Mobile World Congress 2016 expo will be one for the ages. Unlike last year, or the year before that, LG will be challenging Samsung's high-end hegemony directly, unveiling itsG5 flagship on the same very day when the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are expected to be announced. This shows a certain level of confidence by Korea's runner-up smartphone giant that hasn't been evident with the last two G-line editions, indicating we might have something truly remarkable in store from LG this time. Indeed, rumors are that it will sport a premium metal chassis and an intriguing modular design, on top of the usual bells and whistles, so we can't wait to handle the G5 in person next week.

As for the Galaxy S7, it should be as good as Samsung can make it, and that means a lot these days - premium design, long battery life and waterproofing are all supposedly in store, but we are most excited about the speculated brand new camera unit with huge sensor on the back. Those two juggernauts won't be the only game in Barcelona, though. Xiaomi should be flaunting its Mi5 there, which could very well be the best value-for-money exchange for a Snapdragon 820-equipped phone, while Huawei, which is now the third-largest cell phone maker, is expected to showcase its own P9 flagship with a dual-camera setup.

Which high-end phone likely to be showcased at MWC are you most excited about?

Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Xiaomi Mi 5
Huawei P9


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