Poll results: Samsung says the Galaxy Note 4 is "the best large-screen phone" - do you agree?

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Not long ago, Samsung released a video commercial - seen above - which ends with this statement: "the best big-screen phone just got even better." Naturally, the statement’s about the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung’s latest flagship handset, which is available around the world since early October.

After seeing the commercial, we wondered if you, our readers, agreed with Samsung. So we ran a poll asking you: is the Galaxy Note 4 really the best large-screen phone out there?

The poll results are now in, and - perhaps unsurprisingly - most of you believe that the Note 4 is indeed the best extra-large handset right now. There were 3432 people (81.04%) who answered the question with “yes,” and only 803 (18.96%) who said “no.”

Of course, our own Galaxy Note 4 review concludes that it’s hard to find a better large-screen smartphone than Samsung’s handset - though this doesn’t mean there aren’t worthy alternatives out there.

In case you didn’t get the chance to vote in our poll while it was still active, you can share your thoughts about the Galaxy Note 4 in the comments section below.

Is the Galaxy Note 4 the best large-screen phone?


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