Poll results: Lukewarm reception to Amazon's new tablets

Poll results: Lukewarm reception to Amazon's new tablets
On Monday, we thought we'd pick your brains and see how you felt about Amazon's brand new line of affordable tablets. Ranging from 7 to 10 inches, the cheapest of the slates — the 7-inch model — costs just $49.99 in the US, going up to $229.99 for the largest member of the family.

As we noted then, that kind of money gets you no more than an entry-level device, with a specs sheet that doesn't exactly read like a science fiction novel. We've got mediocre quad-core system chips, 1 gig of RAM, and fairly low-res displays. In addition, you get Amazon's fork of Android on the software side, called FireOS, which means that you won't be getting access to goodies such as Google's Play Store. Instead, you'll be limited to Amazon's app marketplace, or any other, third-party one that you mange to download.

Unsurprisingly, only 17% of voters indicated that they're definitely getting a unit, while the majority of people (50%) say that these simply aren't what they're looking for. The remaining ~33% of votes are accounted for by folks that are only considering their options for now. Proof:

Are you considering any of Amazon's new, dirt-cheap tablets?

I'm getting one
Only 'considering' for now
Nah, not for me
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