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Poll results: Has Apple found a great new use for 3D Touch with iOS 10?

Poll results: Has Apple found a great new use for 3D Touch with iOS 10?
Мany people have gotten accustomed to using the 3D Touch function on a daily basis, as our recent poll suggests, but are rather using it occasionally, or simply to demonstrate it for friends and family, then quickly forget it exists. 

With iOS 10, however, Apple nailed the use of 3D Touch, and it is thanks to the new elaborate widget system it introduced. This is why we asked you yesterday if you think this would make 3D Touch a lot more indispensable for your daily operations with the iPhone.

Well, as you can see from the poll results below, more than half of our respondents do, which bodes well for the sales of newer iPhone models that are equipped with pressure-sensitive displays.

When you hard-press an icon now, you not only see a small subset of the most used functions that the app offers to choose from, but whole widgets that preview the most pertinent information that the app is supposed to carry, so a lot of the times you won't even have to go in. 

What do we mean? Well, do the deep press thingy on the Calendar app icon, and it will show you the upcoming meets, do it for the weather app, and the widget with today's forecast will pop up, while the Music icon will show you the album art of the currently played tracks, and so on. 

Has Apple found a great new use for 3D Touch with iOS 10?

Yes, the new widget system adds much richer functionality to 3D Touch
It's alright, still not something I'd use on a daily basis


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