Poll results: Do you care about the viewing angles of your phone's display?

Poll results: Do you care about the viewing angles of your phone's display?
If there's ever been a tight poll we ran, this is the one. We asked you last week whether or not you care how good are the viewing angles of your phone's display, and, geez, was it a close result.

We were prompted for this poll by the somewhat wonky viewing angles of the Xperia Z, which, however, doesn't seem to be a deterrent for people to get it, compared to the superior viewing angles of recent flagships' Full HD displays, like the S-LCD 3 panel on the HTC One, or the Super AMOLED display on the Galaxy S 4

We usually point out bad viewing angles in reviews, as it is one of the measurements for a good display, but it doesn't actually seem to matter that much for a bit less than half of our respondents, as you can see in the results below, which is pretty telling. There were also some pretty good comments on both scenarios, such as:

Do you care about screen viewing angles on your phone?

Yes, good viewing angles usually indicate superior screen technology
No, I'm looking at my phone head-on most of the time


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