Poll: if one were to be released, would you give a Pokemon Go-like game a chance

Poll: if one were to be released, would you give a Pokemon Go-like game a chance
Earlier today, we saw a report that mobile game developers are looking into the possibility of creating a Pokemon Go clone, but most reject the idea. According to many industry insiders, it's a bit early to launch AR games and the success of Pokemon Go rides on the wave of the franchise it was built on.

Seeing as such a game requires a well-developed fantasy world that entices players to get off their couches and go out to “play”, competitors see no reason to invest the time and resources needed to build such a title. Many work to come up with ideas on what Pokemon Go is missing and what their potential competing game would be able to improve upon (a social platform, for one), but none believes that now is the right time to launch such a game. Maybe in the future, then.

But what do you think, Internet? Should Pokemon Go get a healthy dose of rivals and would you even care to give them a chance?

If a Pokemon Go clone is made, would you try it?

No, I don't care for Augmented Reality games (Pokemon Go included)
No, I wouldn't care about an AR game if it weren't in the Pokemon universe
Yes, but just to see what it's about and if I'd like it
Yes, please give me an AR game that's not about those crazy creatures (and is not Ingress)


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