Poll: Which iPad would you get and why?


Alright, alright, alright, settle down! Yes, the new iPads are now a reality, and the holidays can’t get here faster. Yes, this also means that a whole bunch of you will, one way or another, get their hands on the new goodies, be it by lining up at Apple’s brick & mortar stores, online, or simply getting one as a gift (lucky you!).

You may have gotten acquainted with our ways by now, so you know exactly where this is going. It's just that we love polling you on the latest gadgets and seeing the reasoning behind the choices you make, meaning that we do actually read most all comments. So, without any further ado, do lay it on us: which one is it going to be this time around – the big, 9.7-inch iPad Air, or the crystal sharp iPad mini 2 with its more compact form factor and impressive display? Let us know by casting your vote and then spilling your guts in the comment section right below!

Which iPad would you get and why?

The bigger, the better. The Apple iPad Air life for me!
Big is démodé. The compact iPad mini 2 for me, please!

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