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Plastic to premium design Galaxies? Blame the Samsung guy in golden sneakers


Have you noticed something different in Samsung's Galaxy line phones since 2015? Yes, that's precisely the year after Samsung's current design chief was promoted, and what followed was the demise of its plasticky flagships and midrangers. The Galaxy S6, S7 and S8, not to mention the newer A-series or J-line, have all come with more premium chassis materials like metal and glass, culminating into the "Infinity Display" of the new S8 and S8+.

Blame it all on Samsung's current design head M.H. Lee, who recently sat for an interview in a Darth Vader t-shirt and golden sneakers, as if to solidify the premise that Samsung's future designs are going to be hip, too. How did the guy arrive at the elongated, almost bezel-less design of the new Galaxy flagships? Well, he has been wanting a better grip, as well as getting rid of those pesky borders around the display for a while now, but the technology like flexible OLED displays has just now caught up to that dream.

"Companies used to design phones to show off their technology... Smartphone design is not just artwork that expresses what you want but a process of making things people around the world can actually use," said M.H. Lee. Hear, hear. Those ideas actually remind us of a certain Apple CEO who envisioned designs that made technology accessible and easier to use for the commons with great success. If only Mr Lee could explain the finger scanner placement on the S8.  

source: WSJ (paywall)
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