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Google Pixel XL may overcharge due to Android 8.1 bug (UPDATE)

Google Pixel XL may overcharge due to Android 8.1 bug (UPDATE)
If a phone has been on the market for almost two years, it doesn't necessarily mean that all bugs have been eliminated or that it won't ever get new ones. The best example for that has to be the Google Pixel XL, which has been plagued by issues ever since its inception in late 2016. After it got the Android 8.1 update, some users on Reddit have reported their Pixel XL was overcharging, taking more power than it normally should.

The bug occurs when charging the Pixel XL with the supplied charging cable. Reportedly, the smartphone sometimes will pull 25W (9V/2.8A), instead of the supposed 18W (9V/2A). After that, the phone will stop charging in an attempt to regain the normal power delivery. This process can happen couple of times during a charging session and can be spotted if you see the "charging rapidly" notification pop-up on your display multiple times when you plug-in the charger.

The bug has been reported by a user on Google's issue tracker, but the company is yet to tackle it. Overcharging is just one of the many bugs that have been part of the first-gen Pixels' lifespan. Random Bluetooth shutdowns, various audio issues and halo apparitions are the other issues to make up the list of Pixel bugs.

UPDATE: A Google representative has contacted us, saying the bug will be fixed soon. There was also an official response regarding the issue on the forums, and here's what it said:

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