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Pic Scanner app will archive your old print photographs in a digital format using only your iPhone

Lo and behold, someone finally thought about the poor souls who don't have a scanner at home, and yet a lot of old print photography collecting dust in the drawers, fading and crumbling under the weight of the years passing by. Your grandfather's war pics, your parents' hippie period, and your baby photos - a lot of them are still on paper, right? That's not to mention that a lot of them are black&white, too.

Well, the Pic Scanner iPhone app is here to help. Coupled with what is arguably Apple's best effort for mobile cameras so far, housed neatly in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, you can achieve great results trying to archive your old print snaps armed only with an iOS handset, and this app. You can scan up to four photos simultaneously to save on time if you have bags and bags of those old albums, then automatically crop and straighten them. Furthermore, Pic Scanner lets you apply vintage and other filters to the newly-formed digital memories, as if the originals weren't vintage enough, and also add captions to the resulting imagery.

If you are worried that "this is just a phone I'm using, no fancy equipment," the app developers have provided leveling tools and perspective adjustments, in case you are holding that iPhone just a little bit off-kilter. To cap a great way to store your print memories, Pic Scanner will let you share them on all popular social networks, or archive them in Dropbox and the like, and that's the only in-app purchase you will find within, at $2.99, which seems like a pretty small price to pay for preserving your precious memories of times past that you wouldn't otherwise bother collecting, scanning, saving and so on bothersome processes.

Developer: App InitioDownload: iOS
Category: Photo & VideoPrice: Free, with $2.99 in-app Share&Save purchase 

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