Pebble Steel smartwatch leaks out: premium metal design and higher price

The Pebble Steel smartwatch has leaked out just before its official CES 2014 unveiling. The new smartwatch will come in a full metal body, and it is said to be priced at around $240, nearly a hundred dollars more than the original plastic Pebble.

The Pebble smartwatch is a true crowdfunding success story. Launched as a Kicstarter project with merely a $100 000 crowdfund goal, there was so much excitement around it that it easily shattered its target, and actually raised over $10 million. The Pebble team has iterated fairly quickly adding color, apps and watchfaces to the smartwatch. Moreover, the Pebble is readily available at popular retailers like Best Buy and Amazon.

An excellent piece of engineering with water-protection from the get-go, the Pebble still looked a bit dorky, though, with its colorful plastic design. This new Pebble Steel however looks just like a regular smartwatch. We’d even say it looks premium - just as its price - coming in a stainless steel (pictured above) and matte black versions. It's great to see this new inconspicuous look for the Pebble, something very important to have when looking for mass adoption.

Best news is that the Pebble team is allegedly ready to launch this by the end of the month. All else seems unchanged, including the excellent one-week battery life. Take a look at it - could the Pebble Steel steal the smartwatch crown in 2014?

source: 9to5Google



1. ara.armagedon unregistered


2. hafini_27

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That price doesn't do any justice

3. KillgoreTroutTime

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If it had a microphone and a speaker, I would be interested. I want something that really allows me to be hands free, especially when driving. Using S voice, siri, or some other software like that as well as taking calls from my wrist is what I am really looking for. I could even be sold on a full smartwatch with phone capabilities if they could engineer one that is no bigger than the current Galaxy Gear(smaller would be better). I guess that would come within the next few years.

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