Path updates its iPhone app to get the iOS 7 look and feel

Path updates its iPhone app to get the iOS 7 look and feel

The Path social network has released a new version of its iPhone app. It brings the user interface up to speed with iOS 7's specific look and feel, along with some performance improvements. The interface now utilizes iOS 7's swiping gestures, which lets users quickly swipe from any messaging thread to the homescreen. Furthermore, the Settings menu has been simplified and reorganized into Account, Notifications, and Sharing sections.

In the Account section, users can update their profile photos, cover photos, email, and other personal information. In Notifications, users can manage notifications for their Inner Circle and Friends. In Sharing, users can manage all the networks they post to from Path. Also, the Shop section has been redesigned to feature Path's premium stickers and filters in a simpler way.

Dave Morin, CEO and co-founder of Path, heartily admits that his company is "a bit late to the party" with its iOS 7 app. Most if its competition, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest came up with its iOS 7-ready apps last year.

You can download the new version of Path, v3.4, from the link below.

Download Path: iOS

source: Path via Mashable


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1. rodneyej1

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The WP metro look, but not feel.... Lol... Just joking..

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