Patent shows the Galaxy Z Flip 7 may come with three cameras

Patent shows the Galaxy Z Flip 7 may come with three cameras
The Galaxy Z Flip 6 isn't out yet, but the rumor mill seems to be starting now with the Z Flip 7. In fact, it's a newly discovered patent from Samsung that shows a potential upgrade to the foldable clamshell that sparked all of it. It was discovered by GalaxyClub, a publication that often digs out cool patents. The patent images show a third camera for a future Flip.

Patent indicates Samsung could want a third camera for a future Flip

A third camera is currently missing from the Galaxy Z Flip 5, and according to rumors and leaks, it won't be on the Flip 6 either. This third camera could be a zoom camera, something that the Flip series is currently lacking.

In fact, the Flip series is the only Samsung product priced at $1,000 and above that lacks a zoom camera. The Flip 6 also appears to have only two cameras on the back.

However, these newly discovered Samsung patents bring hope for the future Flip, probably the Z Flip 7. These patents are for Flip phones with three rear cameras, stacked vertically. The cover display in one of the images is rectangular, unlike the folder-shaped design of the Flip 5.

These patents were filed back in 2022 but were granted in 2023, even before Samsung made the cover screen of the Flip 5 bigger. And we've heard rumors about a third camera on a future Flip before too.

Either Samsung has abandoned a third camera, or it's working towards the patent images shown above. And yep, that could mean a third camera is possible for the Flip 7.

But keep in mind the discovery of these patent images doesn't mean that Samsung is set to bring a third camera to the Flip 7. Also, it's not certain whether it will be a zoom camera or some other lens. For now, everyone's focus is on the Flip 6. The foldable is expected to be unveiled soon, probably in July alongside the Fold 6.

In my opinion, though, the Flip does need a zoom camera. It is indeed an expensive phone, and sporting just a couple of cameras on the back doesn't seem to justify the high price tag. Yep, it's foldable, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't come equipped with premium cameras if it's coming with a premium price tag. Of course, we'll know more when the phone starts leaking, but for now - it's the Flip 6 time in the spotlight.

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