Panasonic turns to Android to control its smart appliances

Panasonic turns to Android to control its smart appliances
Android’s ecosystem continues to expand – earlier this week we saw Nikon announce the first Android-powered camera, and now Panasonic is releasing a new home automation app and an entire line of household appliances that will let Android-wielding Japanese customers control thermostats, washing machines, starting their rice cooker, and checking up on their refrigerators with their phones and/or tablets. They are also releasing a series of healthcare devices that will enable consumers to track their daily calorie intake, blood pressure, and more.

All of the apps will incorporate NFC technology, so if you have installed Panasonic’s app on an appropriately-equipped device you can simply touch your device to the appliance to transfer a recipe or schedule, get relevant information, or otherwise interact with it. The washing machine will be released on September 25th, and the other appliances are expected to roll out in the following months.

Alas, at this point the product line is only schedule for release in Japan, but there is increasing interest in “smart homes” that use mobile devices as a hub, so if they find success in Japan it wouldn’t be a surprise to see similar products make their way into international markets in the coming year. Owners of iDevices aren’t totally left out in the cold in Japan – the thermostat/AC unit has internet connectivity built in and can be controlled by either Android or iOS devices. It’s possible that if NFC comes to the next iPhone we could see Panasonic embracing a wider mobile ecosystem.

source: Panasonic via Android Authority



1. jaytai0106

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Android is everywhere :D I love it!!

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I made a wrong thumb down for you. Was supposed to put thumbs up.. :(

4. Wiki_jaan

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i make it for u ............. ;)

2. iamcc

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Man if I could preheat my oven and s**t that'd be pretty sweet...

5. Aeires unregistered

Grocery app loads an update for what you have in your fridge, then relays that to your stove to recommend what you can cook, and lets you remote control the heating options from your phone. I can see that.

6. aokde

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i always dreamed and fantasized about living in a smarthome, i guess i will be living my dream sooner than never :-) thanks Google for fulfilling my dream :D

7. bloodline

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will i get malware on my dishwasher ?

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