Palm's CEO reflects and would've wanted shorter exclusivity with Sprint

Palm's CEO reflects and would've wanted shorter exclusivity with Sprint
Things just don't go the way they should some times, but there are always thoughts about what could've been done to steer things into the correct direction. Palm is still feeling the heat as they tighten up their belts after recent announcements about the direction their business is headed – things are just not going the way the company envisioned. Palm's CEO, Jon Rubinstein, recently sat down for an interview with Fortune where he let out some small snippets about what decisions he would've wanted to be changed to affect the outcome of their current situation. Without a doubt, Jon admitted that he would've wanted to see a shorter exclusivity period with Sprint for their first ever webOS powered smartphone. “Sprint wanted to do an aggressive launch on webOS. They were willing to invest significant marketing dollars. Now, if I sit today and I kind of roll back the clock and go, okay, now if I could have launched in October with Verizon, and done a shorter exclusive with Sprint, and the world would be completely different today, yeah, I mean, that's easy to say,” said Rubinstein. It's always easy to reflect on the business decisions that were made between Sprint, but there are still many people out there that question Palm's role in the marketing of their handsets to this point. It's not to say that releasing their handsets to Verizon would've turned things around, but the fact is that there were still some questionable moves made by Palm. Despite the long thoughts about what ifs, Rubinstein still believes that the company will be able to survive the rough road they're in and is defiant about the company looking for a takeover bid.

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