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Palm plans on having paid apps ready for Europe by March 2010

Palm plans on having paid apps ready for Europe by March 2010
With the Palm Pre readily available in most parts of Europe now, it was just only a matter of time before we see paid apps being made available in Europe for the webOS powered handset. Attempting to move forward in the paid apps market, Palm is looking towards a target date of March 2010 before we start seeing them readily available. Through Palm’s own developer networking blog, they make some clear indications about the opportunities that developers can expect with “faster cycle times” so they can provide high quality applications. With the attraction of monetary compensation, Palm plans on offering greater freedom and how apps are marketed – so that developers can promote and grow their business. Let’s just hope that the end result for the user is there – meaning that the App Catalog won’t be bombarded with a bunch of worthless apps. With over 600 apps available in 2 months in the US, we should expect to see a boom out of the European Market in the very near future.

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source: Palm Developer Network Blog via Engadgetmobile


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