Palm not too thrilled about UK retailers offering SIM-free Pres

Palm not too thrilled about UK retailers offering SIM-free Pres
For the most part, wireless carriers want you to purchase authorized products from them directly so that they are compatible with their network. Unlocked mobile phones have allowed consumers to choose their phone first before choosing a carrier to go with service. In Palm's case though, they aren't too thrilled about certain UK retailers offering a SIM-free Pre. Recent news we reported have said that a few online retailers started offering the SIM-free Palm Pre way before the official launch with O2. The smartphone manufacturer has been busy warning these UK retailers about their uneasy feelings about the offering. One affected retailer was contacted by the Palm's legal team to let them know to take down their listing. No official word yet from Palm UK about the matter – we'll have to wait and see if anything more serious happens.

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