Palm developers get treated to a 20 percent discount on Palm phones

Palm developers get treated to a 20 percent discount on Palm phones
Even though Palm may be tightening its belts soon in an attempt to keep costs down and hopefully produce a positive bottom line, we've seen our fair share of earth shattering drops on WebOS powered devices of late. Not only do Palm developers have a place in Palm's heart, but they're getting treated to a somewhat faithful gesture from the veteran smartphone maker – some may argue if Palm's recent move to offer developers a 20 percent discount on its devices is considered a majestic gesture. Although the phones are contract-free and 2-day shipping is included, they're obviously locked to either Verizon or Sprint. When looking at some of the extreme eye dropping prices we've seen of late on contract phones, the 20 percent discount applied to a $549.99 Palm Pre on Palm's web site still requires a final payment of $439 – some would consider holding off from taking advantage of that discount. Despite this somewhat thankful announcement, we'd guess that Palm wouldn't be too reluctant in raising that discount until things start to settle down over in Palm land.

source: Palm via ubergizmo



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