Palm approves of people exchanging free applications

Palm approves of people exchanging free applications
Palm has announced changes that effectively turn their official policy into the exact opposite of what Apple has adopted. The creators of webOS seem intent on encouraging the development of open source software and approve of people freely exchanging applications over the Internet. Here is what was revealed at the event organized by the manufacturer:

Free application exchange over the Internet, meaning developers send their software to Palm then the company returns a link that can be freely published on any website. Rather than opening the App Catalog, the link will get the app directly installed onto the customer´s device. According to TechCrunch, Palm will not check every single app, unlike Apple that maintains a grip of steel over developers and controls everything before allowing apps to reach customers. Well, Palm´s policy certainly cuts both ways, so we cannot wait to see what happens next. Finally, developers who would rather sell their program and not distribute it freely will have to shell out $50 to see the app available at App Catalog.

Developers will be entitled to information relating to the sales of different programs and the usage of the online application store, much unlike Apple´s policy of granting limited details only. Moreover, developers involved in open source software projects will not have to pay the annual fee of $99 that is typically required from anyone who works on programs for webOS. Similarly to Google that offered HTC Magic handsets as a gift to attendants, each participant of the event went away with a free Palm Pre, courtesy of the manufacturer.

So, what do you think about Palm´s latest move towards free distribution of open source software? Would it mean increased popularity to rival the more conservative approach of Apple?

source: TechCrunch

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