Palm Pre shows off graphical prowess with hardware accelerated Doom

Palm Pre shows off graphical prowess with hardware accelerated Doom
In the last few days we’ve seen a couple of decent looking games run on different phones – the HTC HD2 allowed you to brawl in Tekken 3 while the Nokia N900 gave good old Duke Nukem a place to kick butt. The Palm Pre isn’t going to sit still on the sidelines as these two devices show off some graphical eye candy. With the release of webOS 1.3.5, Palm has included a software library called Simple Directmedia Layer – allowing developers to low-level hardware to get some accelerated 3D graphics. Enter ID’s popular Doom which was ported over to the Palm Pre thanks to an extraordinary webOS hacker zsoc. As for playing the game itself, you can visually see how smooth it runs on the Pre with the use of the QWERTY keyboard for navigational controls. In addition, the game will continue to run even if you place it as a card and move around to another application at the same time. It may be the small break that the Palm Pre needs to show off its graphical power amidst stiff competition.

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source: Palm Infocenter via Engadgetmobile


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