Palm Pre Facebook chat Q&A

Palm Pre Facebook chat Q&A
If you’re one of the many Facebook users, you’ll be surprised to know that you can ask questions to Palm’s Matt Crowley. Everyone is still buzzing about the wonders that the Pre showed off during CES, but now is the time to get serious questions answered. Crowley is holding an open chat on Facebook to answer questions about the Pre. Unfortunately there are some questions that he will not answer such as price, availability, and how intrusive Synergy might be. One of the biggest questions answered was about the lack of microSD expandability. The answer given might surprise some people. But it seems that the design of the Pre prevented them from providing a slot for it. Some might scratch their heads and wonder how adding a slot like that might compromise the overall design of the product. Their supplement answer to the question was that the 8GB of embedded memory also provides enough memory for most users right out of the box. Another question was also the apparent lack of infrared beaming which has been a standard feature on every Palm since 1998. Getting by without infrared beaming shouldn’t be too bad with options like Bluetooth available. The chat is an ongoing feature and runs until January 28.

source: Facebook via PalmInfocenter
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