Paid Android apps coming to 99 more countries, top app rankings now live in Android Market

Paid Android apps coming to 99 more countries, top app rankings now live in Android Market
Google is finally rolling out a long-awaited feature that will make developers grin with delight - the ability to access paid apps from Android Market in 99 additional countries now. We only had 14 countries with paid apps so far, so with 113 in total Google will have covered almost any place where debit or credit cards are issued, because, well, that's how you pay for apps.

A number of people are reporting that paid apps are appearing in Android Market on their phones, priced in local currency, and they bought them using local debit or credit cards, despite that the feature is not supposed to be completely rolled until next week. Before that Android users in these countries were forced to download the goods as .apk files from dark and shady places, if they wanted to have this or that one on their phones.

Furthermore, Android Market is now addressing its app curation issues, by listing Top Paid, Top Free, Editor's picks, Top Grossing apps and so on. With more than 250 000 applications, it had become an issue finding what's relevant for you on Android Market, and we are glad to see that Google is charging hard to resolving these problems.

source: Google



1. android_hitman unregistered

finally!!! apple had this a long time ago

2. Android Applications Developme unregistered

People make your credit or debit cards ready to get the feature of paid applications available in your Android smart phones. And now this feature is available in 113 countries which is really going to popularize Android market.

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