PUBG: New State - pre-register now for Android beta (iOS coming soon!)

PUBG: New State - pre-register now for Android beta (iOS coming soon!)
Player Unknown Battlegrounds, or PUBG as most of us know it, has been keeping us on our toes about its up-and-coming mobile game, PUBG: New State. 

PUBG: New State is essentially an iteration of the ultra-popular video game which has been available on PC, PS4 and Xbox since 2017. The game has earned immortal fame for bringing the "battle royale" game style into the mainstream. 

We are relieved to know that even in New State, the integrity of the game will remain the same, where 100 players drop from an airplane down onto a map, and fight to eliminate each other until the last man (or team) is left standing. 

Pre-register now and receive an exclusive reward

The game is currently in mid-development, and PUBG has announced that they will begin in-house testing before June is over.

We also finally have something to look forward to on our end. PUBG: New State is open for pre-registration for those who want in on the beta testing, once it begins. It's currently only available in the Google Play Store, although we know to expect the iOS version out soon.

If you want a part of the fun, you can pre-register simply by going into the Google Play Store, looking up "PUBG: New State," and clicking on the "Pre-Register" button which appears in place of install. 

Voilà! You will now be notified as soon as the game is released, and will be among the first to try it. Along with that satisfaction, you will receive a limited permanent vehicle skin for pre-registering.

PUBG: New State release date

We have no official date yet about when beta testing begins, or when the final version will be launched. However, PUBG's Twitter account has proudly announced there are already over 10 million pre-registrations for New State, so they'd better hurry it up!

PUBG had already released one mobile version of its video game previously, PUBG Mobile Lite. But while that was meant to be a lighter, faster, and generally stripped-down version of the regular game, New State is bringing a whole new full-fledged experience of the original game, adding new features rather than removing. 

PUBG: New State - new features

PUBG: New State is promising some enticing new features which aren't available on other platforms. In a blog post published by the company, we found out PUBG will be bringing new vehicles, futuristic weapons, drones, massive new 8x8 open worlds to explore, and a lot more to the mobile game. 

There will also be a new ability for in-game weapon customization, where players can craft their own weapons using customization kits.

A Twitter post from PUBG's official account reveals that New State will take place in a new, futuristic city called Troi, in the year 2051. "The once peaceful city of Troi is no more," PUBG declares. "Severe poverty and economic division have driven the city into an era of darkness."

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