Ovi Store purchases can now be billed to T-Mobile accounts

Ovi Store purchases can now be billed to T-Mobile accounts
With the Nokia Nuron 5230 now out and available for purchase through T-Mobile, the wireless carrier is making it a bit easier for their customers who are buying things off the Ovi Store. Generally you'd have to pay for your Ovi Store purchases right away on the Nokia Nuron, but now they can be charged directly to their T-Mobile monthly bill so they won't have to worry about payment every time they're interested in something. These purchases will come up as being “Premium Services” on the monthly statement from the carrier and customers will also have the option to use the Self-Care tool on My T-Mobile to manage their downloaded content. It's just another way to allow customer to soak up the experience of using a touchscreen Nokia phone without any worries of paying for downloaded content all the time – especially when US consumers don't tend to see that many Nokia touchscreen phones.

Nokia Nuron 5230 Specifications | Review

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1. zerglisk

Posts: 544; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

I really hoped Nuron had Wi-Fi built in. I would have picked one up for my gf if wi-fi was there.

2. 1eye4u

Posts: 35; Member since: Nov 17, 2009

looks like T-Mobile, Verizon and even Sprint are very active making new relationships (Nokia, Google, Android, etc) where as AT&T stopped their aggressive customer satisfaction moves and decided they would sit on iPhone's finger of popularity up their arse. Well, if they don't come out with competitive ANdroid 2.1+ phone, Symbian, W7 offerings very soon, then they would be going fast to nowhere.

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