Ovi Maps now integrates Expedia hotel booking via location awareness

Ovi Maps now integrates Expedia hotel booking via location awareness
Most navigation apps will easily tell you how to get from point A to point B and also find many points of interests between your travels, but when it comes to the process of finding AND booking hotels, you sometimes have to resort in manually using the web browser on your handset. Sure it's an extra step and forces you to leave your navigation app, but Ovi Maps is making the process jut a tad bit easier by integrating location awareness for hotel booking. The latest version of Ovi Maps will now enable users to book hotels in the United States and United Kingdom courtesy of Expedia. You can simply search for hotels either around your exact location or at a specific city - it will even go further by allowing you to view descriptions, ratings, and even make arrangements. The integration of this feature can really leverage some people to rely using the nifty navigational application more often now that it's offered. The painstaking process of searching hotels through your web browser will  no longer be a concern with this, as spontaneous individuals out there won't have to worry if they decide to make some random road trips.

source: Ovi Blog via All About Symbian


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