Our first camera samples from the Microsoft Lumia 950

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Our first camera samples from the Microsoft Lumia 950
While the Microsoft Lumia 950 is giving consumers a chance to experience Windows 10 firsthand, others are probably eager to see how its camera stacks up against the competition. Lumias, in general, have been renowned for their better-than-average qualities with their cameras, so its 20-megapixel snapper is no doubt garnering high-expectations already. Considering that we've been handling the phone in question for a few days now, capturing quite a bunch of images with its camera in the process, we'd like to share just some of the stuff in our current collection. So, what do you think about it so far? Any good? This year alone we've seen some phenomenal devices, so this one needs to be at the very least on par to some of the greats currently out there.


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