Oppo N3 teaser posted, hints at October unveiling (Press Renders added)

Oppo N3 teaser posted, hints at October unveiling (Press Renders added)
Last week, we told you about a teaser posted by Oppo, most likely for a follow-up to the Oppo N1. You might recall that this device features the ultimate 13MP selfie camera. Actually, the camera is a 13MP snapper that swivels from the back of the handset, to the front. And with an aperture of f/2.0, selfies taken in low-light conditions still look great. 

But the Oppo N1 is due for a sequel. Nearly a year old, and with the Snapdragon 600 processor under the hood, the device is practically screaming out for a sequel. After last week's teaser, Oppo has posted a new one that actually mentions the N3 name. Considering that the N1 featured that swiveling snapper, we expect the manufacturer to bring some new innovation to the camera. That might have been hinted at with the "One More Step" line on the teaser.

Oppo could be unveiling this device at an October 15th event in Singapore, and the teaser clearly says "October" and "Singapore". Unfortunately, no specs have been leaked.

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source: Oppo via gizmobic

UPDATE: A couple of press renders allegedly showing the Oppo N3, reveal that the new model will apparently include the swiveling camera. Also, it looks like this new handset will be pretty svelte. Check out the images below.

source: GSMArena

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