Opera’s gaming-oriented browser updated with even more AI features

Opera’s gaming-oriented browser updated with even more AI features
Opera GX is a browser launched back in 2019, which aims to be the browser of choice for millions of gamers who are looking for a more custom internet experience.

Besides its gaming-inspired design, Opera GX includes CPU, RAM and Network Bandwidth limiters that make it less resource-hungry, thus leaving more of the computer’s resources for gaming.

The browser received a lot of updates since its release, so it makes sense for Opera to want to bring the latest advancements in AI to those using GX. If you’re using Opera GX on Android, iOS or desktop, you’re in for some nice AI-related surprises.

The latest Opera GX update increases Aria’s capabilities by adding image generation and understanding, voice input, a chat summary option, as well as links to sources.

Opera GX’s Aria gains the ability to turn text prompts and descriptions into unique images using the image generation model Imagen2 by Google. Basically, Aria is now able to identify the user’s intention to generate an image based on conversational prompts.

Furthermore, Opera GX users can take advantage of the “regenerate” option to have Aria come up with a new image if they’re not satisfied with the initial result. However, there’s a limit to the number of images that Aria is allowed to generate each day pers user, and that’s 30.

Another interesting new feature coming to Opera GX is Aria’s ability to read answers out loud by using Google’s WaveNet model. Also, Aria is gaining image understanding capabilities, so users can now upload an image to Aria that they can ask the AI too about as part of the chat conversation.

This is especially useful if you want to identify a certain item by brand and/or model. But Aria can also solve math problems among other things.

On a side note, these are the same features that Opera released as part of its experimental AI Feature Drops program in the Developer stream of the Opera One browser.

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