Only 2% of Samsung KNOX supported devices are using the enterprise container

Only 2% of Samsung KNOX supported devices are using the enterprise container
At a forum in Hong Kong on Tuesday, Samsung’s senior vice president Rhee In-jong told those in attendance that Samsung plans on using biometric sensors to strengthen the security on its low to high-end phones in the future. The executive is part of the team that works on Samsung KNOX. The latter is a "container" that offers a secure layer of apps so that those who bring their own phone to work, can do so without worrying about their phone being infiltrated by malware.

Samsung is hoping that the biometric sensors, which are available now on the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the form of an embedded fingerprint scanner, are another layer of security that allows companies to purchase Samsung phones, instead of going with competitors like BlackBerry. Despite the latter's sharp drop in market share, it still does receive orders from companies that need to make sure that their mobile communications are secure.

Besides the fingerprint scanner, Samsung was hoping that Samsung KNOX would help the company compete for sales from the enterprise. So far, just 1.8 million of the 87 million units that come with KNOX, are using the secure container. Rhee In-jong says that KNOX is being used by companies in the healthcare and financial industries, and hopes that others show an interest in the application.

Besides fingerprint scanners, the executive says that other forms of biometrics being looked at by handset manufacturers, include iris scanners.  According to Rhee, the iris scanners would first become available in high-end models, before they would become a feature on all Samsung phones.

source: WSJ



1. StraightEdgeNexus

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Oxffffffffff is that you?

3. Aploine

Posts: 445; Member since: Oct 24, 2013 Samsung, is that senator Al Franken?

2. rd_nest

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KNOX is meant for enterprise, counting consumer sales as part of it is useless.

4. DarkStar286

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Not true. While KNOX is designed for use within an enterprise environment, one of the main ideas behind it is to allow consumers to use their own devices for work, saving companies from having to buy secure phones for the employees in the first place. So in that context the consumer figures are probably the most important metric to go by.

5. elitewolverine

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just safe from malware, not really safe if they choose not to use it. Totally different if the company made an app that forced knox usage and no other parts of the phone.

6. Zeeya

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7. Arte-8800

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Give it time and publicity and then it will be known and used by sectors who needs security

8. xxxxyyyyzzzz

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Wow....2 million over 10 months since its launch! that is 200,000 user adoption per month. This looks fantastic to me. Is there any other enterprise solutions that has this rate traction?

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