OnePlus posts video proof: there really was a One under the Sony Xperia Z1


Some two months ago, whilst still involved in its hype-inducing marketing effort for the One, OnePlus -- a start-up based in China -- released a picture that attracted a lot of controversy during the period leading up to the release of the OnePlus One, and even afterwards. The source of the controversy was, of course, rooted in OnePlus' claim that a One unit was hidden beneath a purple Sony Xperia Z1 as to exemplify the compact proportions of the 5.5-incher.

Of course, as soon as the exact dimensions of the OnePlus One became public knowledge, many thought that OnePlus must have cheated. How else could they have hidden a device that's 75.9 mm (2.99 in) wide underneath one that is 73.9 mm ( 2.91 in)? That's probably what prompted OnePlus to answer the accusations with proof of their own in the form of a video that shows how the snap was actually taken. As we correctly pointed out at the time, the OnePlus One is simply a rather tall device, not to mention that the angle at which the photo was taken could have easily obscured a few measly millimeters. Obviously, one could argue that OnePlus was leading people on, but, strictly speaking, the company did nothing wrong, and played this by the book. Look below for the proof.

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