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OnePlus has a guide on how to switch from an iPhone to the OnePlus One

OnePlus has a guide on how to switch from an iPhone to the OnePlus One

Ever since the beginning, OnePlus presented its One smartphone as the “2014 flagship killer” - touting its multitude of high-end features offered at a very attractive price ($299 for the base model). Today, OnePlus suddenly realized that some customers “may be immigrating” to the One (which runs Cyanogen OS - based on Android KitKat) from “a certain fruit-loving tech company.” Thus, it posted a guide that can assist iPhone users in switching to a OnePlus One. The guide shows you how to import contacts, pictures, songs and iTunes playlists, how to sync your email, how to find apps, how to tweak things, and so on. You can see it all at the source link below.

While the OnePlus One isn’t available to buy in the same way that most smartphones are, OnePlus is offering customers the chance to preorder it at certain times. For example, November 17 is the next date when pre-orders will be open.

Last month, Google itself posted a guide to help people switch from iOS to Android. Moreover, in September, Apple did a similar thing, creating a support page to assist users who want to switch from Android to an iPhone or iPad. It's good to see that everyone wants to make it easy for users to switch, isn't it?




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Step 1: get a Oneplus One.


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OMG! that's really hard. just get a nexus.


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Like that's easy either..


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Damn, beat me to it XD


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STEP 1 : we are joking , DO NOT swtich from the premium iPhone 6 plus to our crappy cheap chinsese phone

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If you're looking at the guide for help - Step 1: Schedule a doctor visit for a psychiatric evaluation


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iPhone 6+ is a premium phone? But I thought they're ripping off people by using cheap 3rd party hardwares?


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It's premium when compared to an imaginary phone :)


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You can get it from Oppomart for $375.


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There are quite a few reports that Oppomart sells bad phones that have been returned or have defects from the factory.


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Hearthstone narrator: Rare!


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"While the OnePlus One isn’t available in the same material form that your iPhone is, imagining that you have a OnePlus One becomes easier over time. Soon you won't even realize that you are using an imaginary phone." "Don't forget the many pluses of your new OPO -- it's waterproof, fits in any pocket, never runs out of battery, and comes in any color that you can think of. The OnePlus One is truly a phone for all seasons." FTFY.


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LOl, Iphone 6, 6Plus, Droid Turbo, Note 4, Z3, LG G3, Nexus 6 rolled over this "2014 flagship killer" like a Tank rolls over a pebble...


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Yep, pretty much. I HATE apple with a passion and even I'd go as far as to agree on that. My G3 owns my OPO (which I sold on due to CM11 fail) in every way, even priced similar.


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They should make a guide of how to buy one cause its almost impossible.


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your comment made my day.


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Its as easy as buying your favorite candy. You just need to know where to look for a candy.


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You need a +10 Chinese smuggler scrolls to find one.


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One Plus is a good upgrade for iPhone 6/6+ users. Good one One Plus. iPhone might not be offering a fraction of what the One Plus offers.

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