OnePlus 5T name seemingly confirmed by OnePlus

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OnePlus 5T name seemingly confirmed by OnePlus
OnePlus certainly likes to tease us whenever it's getting ready to launch a brand new smartphone. The company is now close to announcing a successor to the OnePlus 5 (released in June), and we assumed that this would be called either OnePlus 5T, or OnePlus 6. Apparently, it's going to be the former.


In a teaser image posted on Twitter a few hours ago - see below - OnePlus is showing us five OnePlus-branded cups of tea (or, yeah, T). Most probably, this is a sly confirmation of the fact that the company's upcoming phone is indeed called OnePlus 5T.  


Earlier today, OnePlus also suggested that its next handset would have a standard 3.5mm headset jack, just like all previous OnePlus smartphones. With all these official teasers being thrown at us, we're guessing that the OnePlus 5T will be officially unveiled in the very near future. Meanwhile, you can take a look at what the new device is expected to offer in terms of design and features by checking out our OnePlus 5T rumor round-up.

source: OnePlus (Twitter) 


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