OnePlus 5 product manager talks about behind the scenes process, reveals partial water resistance


OnePlus' community manager has posted an internal interview on the company's forums, where he asked the product manager a bunch of questions. It's rather short for now, but the beauty is that you can post a question of your own and the community manager will pass it along, possibly even get it answered within the thread.

The interview spends quite some time on the new Reading Mode — a special screen-adjustment tool on the OnePlus 5, which goes beyond just filtering out the blues in the display and tries to emulate an e-book reader for less eye strain. It's not as good as a Kindle, but still does quite a fine job of being less aggressive on the eyes. According to the product manager, development of this special mode took about 2 months and 20 different versions of the software tool. Fine-tuning the color temperature curve to match the ambient temperature (outside light sources) was their biggest challenge.

Moving on, the global network support is mentioned — as you probably know, every OnePlus 5 unit supports 34 frequencies, essentially making it a global 4G LTE device. This makes things easier when a small company has to sell devices all over the world, and is definitely a cool plus for users who travel very often.

Water resistance also comes up. The product manager admits that OnePlus was well aware that this was a desired feature. According to him, splash protection has been applied to the OnePlus 5 so that the phone can survive a rain or a quick drop in the sink. However, since no tests were performed on how much water the handset can have thrown at it before it gives in, the company prefers to not talk about the splash resistance too much.

That's pretty much it right now. If you want to follow the thread or even ask your own questions, it's linked in the source link below.

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