On to the future: Nokia will reveal its plans for 5G phones in a few days

On to the future: Nokia will reveal its plans for 5G phones in a few days
A little more than a week ago, Nokia first teased that it will be launching its next smartphone on the 5th of December. Of course, no details were given — whether it would be a flagship or not is left to speculation. Luckily, we have a new leak that lets us speculate at will!

Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas has tweeted out that he will be getting up on stage at the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit — the event where Qualcomm will talk about its future chips. According to Mr. Sarvikas, we will also get to learn about Nokia's plans for 5G phones. The exact date when this would happen is Tuesday, December 3rd.

So, Nokia is talking about its 5G plans on the 3rd and launching a new phone almost immediately, on the 5th of December. Could the latter actually be Nokia's first 5G-equipped flagship?

We'd wager chances are thin. Earlier rumors suggest that Nokia is, indeed, planning to release a value-priced 5G top-tier phone, but that'll happen at MWC 2020. Heads up, though — that's actually happening in late February, so it won't be a long wait. The Qualcomm conference on the 3rd of December might at least reveal if this is really happening.

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