Official specs and press renders leak of the Galaxy Note II

Pictures leak of the Galaxy Note II
PocketNow has gotten its hands on official press release, complete with renders of the soon-to-be-announced Samsung Galaxy Note II. Not surprisingly the images show that the Note II will share a lot of the same aesthetics with the Galaxy S III, including the rounded corners and availability in white and gray. The bottom of the phablet will have a GS3-like physical button, as well as two capacitive buttons. PocketNow confirms the 1280×720 5.5” screen, but some of the specifications they report differ from those that leaked earlier in the week.

Specifically, they indicate that the CPU will be bumped up to a 1.6GHz quad-core chip, and be available in a version with 16GB of internal storage in addition to the 32GB and 64GB that had been previously reported. The battery size will be getting a significant boost over the current Galaxy Note, topping out at an impressive 3,100 mAH, so you can doodle on your Note II all day even when using LTE. The press release confirms that the Note II will ship with Jelly Bean.

Here are the two different colors the Note II will ship with. Anyone planning to pick one of these phablets up?

source: PocketNow via The Verge

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