Official Twitter app for Android in the works too?

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Official Twitter app for Android in the works too?
Once Twitter was able to purchase Atebits, the developer of the popular Tweetie app on the iPhone, it was only a matter of time before other platforms would be targeted with an “official” Twitter app. The next stop on the train happens to be Android and its army of smartphones as it was revealed at Twitter's Chirp conference by CEO Evan Williams. Even though the commitment is there in getting an official app available for the platform, there is still no indication if Twitter will attempt to acquire an already existing app, partner with a developer, or just make the thing themselves. In the iPhone's case, Twitter acquired Atebits which in turned allowed them to reinvent Tweetie as simply as “Twitter for iPhone.” With so many Twitter clients available on Android already, we're sure that Twitter's official app will undoubtedly stand tall among the crop – that's the case on whichever route they plan on following.

via TechCrunch


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