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Now in the Apple App Store: AOL for iPad

Now in the Apple App Store: AOL for iPad
If you're older than 20, you might remember when AOL was a big deal. One of the three major internet providers at the time (along with Prodigy and GEnie), it was AOL that gave many people their first taste of the internet. But the internet proved to be too big to be contained in a closed system, and helped along with a poorly executed purchase of Time, AOL's days as an internet portal soon became as relevant as Herman's Hermits (Google it).

But AOL did have the brains to re-invent itself in the new mobile based world, as an app that offers many of the same things that it offered as a closed system. The app for the Apple iPad was redesigned from the ground-up and uses a tiled UI that opens on a general news feed, although more specialized stories are a click away. And yes, AOL mail is included. Just click on the small envelope icon on the top toolbar and you're on your way.

AOL for iPad is a free download from the Apple App Store.

source: AOLforiPad via TUAW
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