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Notion Ink partners with Texas Instruments

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Notion Ink partners with Texas Instruments
Notion Ink has announced a new partnership with Texas Instruments, which means the Indian company will be using a TI OMAP processor and other TI components in its next tablet, the Adam II. The announcement came yesterday from none other than Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan. 

According to the blog post, the Adam II "tablets" will feature TI OMAP 44xx processors and other TI components including WiFi and audio amplifiers. And, if the post is to be trusted, that pluralization points to more than one model of Adam II tablets in the works for Notion Ink. This could be in reference to similar variants to the original Adam tablet which had both LCD screen models and Pixel Qi screen models in 3G or WiFi-only flavors, or it could mean there will be multiple sizes or form factors with the Adam II. We've contacted Rohan for clarification, and we'll update if we get any info. *Update* Rohan has confirmed that there will be just one form factor for the Adam II, but there will be WiFi and 3G variants. Additionally, Pixel Qi is not confirmed for use, but is under testing.

The post also confirms that the Adam II will feature Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and that the Adam II will be the first release of "Modular Based Software Architecture". There isn't a lot of info on this, but it seems to be a combination of WYSIWYG development tools and "user customizable" features which should allow the Notion Ink tablet(s) to have proprietary applications written easily for it, making the tablet(s) better for niche uses. 

source: Notion Ink

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