Galaxy Note 9 will finally put the finger scanner in a good place

As if to serve as a tangential evidence that Samsung has finally learned its lesson and will put the finger scanner on the Note 9 where it belongs on big-screen handsets - the middle of the rear, at a distance from the camera lenses - a case for the upcoming handset that shows exactly that, has emerged from a reputable leakster. 

It jibes with the leaked CAD-based renders of the Note 9 that were circulated last week and depicted a horizontal dual camera that has the finger scanner positioned beneath it, but with more separation between the reader and the lenses above it than what we have now on, say, the Galaxy S9+

The latter's vertical camera places the lower lens exactly where your index finger goes, risking lens smudges, so hitting the scanner requires some learning curve. 

With the Note 9, however, Samsung evidently turned the camera 90 degrees and lifted the fingerprint reader up a bit, thus eventually making it easier to hit without always worrying about smudging the lens. 

One small change for Samsung, one big step for ergonomics, but we hope there are more positive surprises with the Note 9, like, ahem, a larger battery, for instance, and the rumored close-to-4000 mAh capacity might tickle just that dream of the Note line aficionados.

source: IceUniverse
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