Note 7 with 6GB RAM/128GB storage price and release date tipped for China

Note 7 with 6GB RAM/128GB storage to cost $912 in China
Last we heard about that elusive Note 7 model with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, it had made a not-so-phantom appearance over at the Chinese equivalent of the FCC. The version was listed as a dual SIM Note 7, hence the doubling of flash memory compared to the global Note 7 units - after all, if you use the hybrid slot tray to put two SIM at once, you will be deprived of the ability to expand the internal storage with a microSD memory card.

Now, from the underbelly of the Chinese blogosphere, comes another confirmation that such a beast may indeed exist, complete with pricing. According to carrier promotional staff there, the 6GB RAM/128 GB Galaxy Note 7 will cost 6088 yuan in China, while the base 4 GB/64 GB model will run for 5688 yuan, though it doesn't become clear if that one will be dual SIM. 

That's $912 and $853, respectively, and such a small difference smells pretty fishy to us, given the bump in memory you get, so take this with a grain of pink himalayan. Oh well, the source also tips an August 26 preorder start, and September 2 release date, so not much left to wait and see if the 6 GB RAM Note 7 is real, and how much it would eventually cost.

source: ITBigBrother (Weibo)

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