Not what the dock-tor ordered? Big Red's Nexus card dock lacks 3-pin connector

Not what the dock-tor ordered? Big Red's Nexus card dock lacks 3-pin connector
Verizon customers finally got access to the LTE/CDMA version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus last week, and while there have been some minor bugs reported it’s mostly been smooth sailing for the U.S. version of the Google uber-phone. Not so for one of its accessories however, as the car dock being offered by Big Red does not have the 3-pin connector found in the international version.

That means that charging your phone while traveling will require you to plug it in manually each time you set it back in the car mount. Users of the international version can charge their phone simply by placing it in the car dock.

This difference isn’t going unnoticed by customers, as bad reviews for the car mount are piling up on Verizon’s website. The most common rating is one star, although bizarrely there is still a 5-star “rating” on the top of the customer reviews tab, even though a quick visual examination shows that has to be around 4 stars too high.

If you already have the Verizon car mount what do you think? And if you don't, will this make you reconsider?

source: Verizon via Engadget


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