Nokia to take over Palm? Not impossible, but unlikely...

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Nokia to take over Palm? Not impossible, but unlikely...
The stock market can be rather quirky at times, with the company value soaring high or falling victim to nothing more than a simple rumour. According to analysts, the reason behind the recent and sizeable increase in spot prices (7%) of Palm´s NASDAQ traded shares is nothing else but a rumour that goes Nokia is firmly intent on taking over the manufacturer of WebOS-based handsets. Taking a sensible view on the matter, however, reveals that such a move, even if not impossible, is highly unlikely.

According to a market analyst with MKM Partners, Nokia has already embarked on a long-term strategy that, at least in the next couple of years, cannot accommodate Palm´s smartphones. Moreover, the Finnish company has recently introduced their Maemo-based internet tablet, the N900 and seems to be working hard on developing the platform, not just Symbian. So, reaching for WebOS at this time seems unlikely, not to mention the company has always been focused on churning out their own, unique products. 

On the other hand, a successful takeover of a company like Palm can save Nokia a lot of time and efforts, since the Palm Pre has proved to be a really capable device that´s on par with the iPhone. Finally, just imagine what would happen if the development team behind the Pre was to get their hands on the affluent budget Nokia allocates to in-house R&D (about 10 times the amount Palm spends)! Still, we tend to think the whole thing is probably just a figment of highly imaginative smartphone lovers. 


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