Nokia shows us why its Lumia Windows Phones are safer than other devices

While it may be preparing to announce new Windows Phone 8.1 handsets at MWC next month, Nokia found the time to remind us, via its official Conversations blog, why its Lumias are safe devices - for both regular, and business users.

For example, a company can enable the automatic encryption of a Lumia’s internal storage “and have file encryption kick in as soon as the phone is turned on.” Moreover. since Windows Phone is the only mobile OS that comes with Information Rights Management (IRM) built-in, Microsoft Outlook can handle rights-protected docs and emails - thus, “your company’s confidential documents stay confidential, as they cannot be accidentally forwarded to your competitor’s CEO.”

Unlike Android handsets, WP devices don’t allow the installation of apps from third-party sources. You can use only apps from the Windows Phone Store, so malware and possible viruses are kept at bay.

Nokia also reminds us of the “super-secure version of Internet Explorer 10”, the Find My Phone feature, and the remote wipe capability of WP handsets. The company uploaded a short animation on YouTube to show how its Lumias can protect your data. See it below:

Video Thumbnail

Our question to Windows Phone users is: do you really feel safer with your handset, rather than with, say, an Android smartphone?

source: Nokia Conversations

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