Nokia rolls out firmware OTA update for the N900

Nokia rolls out firmware OTA update  for the N900
The Maemo powered Nokia N900 is getting an firmware upgrade rolling out as FOTA (firmware update over the air). By the end of the week, Nokia should be able to have sent out the upgrade to all N900 owners. To see if you have received the upgrade, enable your internet connection and refresh the app manager and see if the upgrade is waiting for you. If not, remember to be patient as it could take the rest of the week to reach you. The new firmware version 1.2 (V10.2010.19-1) will improve your browser and maps applications. E-mail has been improved with the new ability to accept or decline an invitation right from your inbox. A Facebook IM chat has been bundled in and video calling capability has been added to the phone. Web browsing on the N900 has received high marks for its PC-like rendering of sites. The upgrade adds portrait browsing and there are changes to the UI in Ovi Maps and in the menu system with the first level now customizable. The Ovi Store will be adding apps and games this Thursday, May 27th with a full switchover.Weatherbug will be one of the added applications. The MeeGo platform is not expected to get support on the N900. After you have insalled the new firmware, let us know what it is doing for you and your phone.

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1. pathmarkpolice

Posts: 102; Member since: Feb 05, 2009

Ovi maps runs much quicker and the application is more responsive. The whole UI is pretty much the same, but runs speedier with little lag switching between multiple applications, closing out apps, starting them up, etc. also is slightly faster. For some reason I still don't have access to the OVI store from my phone despite multiple restarts and the upgrades I've made to the device as the web page prompts me to do.I also noticed that when I send a text message or IM within the threaded conversation, the screen will quickly refresh; it fades then returns in a split second. It didn't used to do that. It's not a big deal, and the phone actually performs faster now, it's just something I noticed. I haven't tried video calling yet but I don't see options for video calling on offline skype contacts. Going to mess around with video calling on the phone now.

2. yanusmaximus

Posts: 1; Member since: May 26, 2010

well i did the update on my n900 on wednesday, OTA without the need for a computer or any cables. it took about half an hour after which the phone re-started. the portrait mode for web browsing is very useful as are the other tweeks available. Overall the phone functions as well as before, but i've noticed a few bugs already! the data widget and conversations widget would not work at 1st. So i emailed the developers of those widgets and they both gave me the same answer. They said to do the following- go to apps manager and download the Extras-Testing catalogue and save. The phone then searches for updates and the updates it asks you to install are those for the data and conversation widgets. once installed the problem is corrected! Other problems i have found, for which i haven't found a solution for and for which many others who have updated their phone are having the same problem. The email widget on my phone won't update automatically and i have to manually update. I've tried re-installing my hotmail account but i still have the same problem. When i access my hotmail account on my laptop, it shows i have new emails. So it sounds as though theres a problem with this update for emails.....Nokia if your reading this please correct the problem as like many others i need email for work!!!!!! thanks!

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